Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Bribery, and Anti-Harassment Policy

At Alpin Çorap, individuals of different races, languages, genders, religious practices, skin colors, sexual orientations, nationalities, beliefs, disabilities, ages, and views work together in harmony. Any form of discrimination, bribery, and/or harassment by any employee, manager, consultant, visitor, invitee, supplier of goods and services, or individuals who are not employees of the organization will not be tolerated.

To prevent discrimination, bribery, and harassment within Alpin Çorap, the following commitments are made:

  1. All employees benefit equally from workplace facilities and regulations. Practices that are unfair, do not comply with principles of equality, and are ethically unacceptable are avoided.
  2. No discrimination is made based on religion, language, race, ethnicity, social identity, political belief, gender, marital status, physical disability, financial resources, age, sexual orientation, or membership to any association.
  3. No unjustifiable rejection is made to an applicant's job application.
  4. All employees have equal conditions during hiring, training, promotions, and transfers. No one is compelled to work under lesser wages, conditions, or unfair circumstances.
  5. Our personnel policy fundamentally bases recruitment, determining compensation and earnings, promotions, and dismissals on a person's abilities, experiences, skills, and job performance.
  6. Utmost importance is given to compliance with laws during our operations, and all activities are carried out in accordance with relevant laws.
  7. Gifts or rewards that may raise doubts about impartiality are not offered or given within the company, and situations that could provide an advantage or benefit are avoided in order to continue operations.
  8. In the event of detection of acceptance, offer, or promise of bribery, the personnel involved in the relevant situation are immediately terminated from their employment.
  9. Employees are encouraged to report any violation of this policy or existing laws to a representative of the senior management without hesitation, either through a complaint box or verbally to the Human Resources department or senior management.
  10. If any unwelcome verbal, physical, or sexual approaches, intolerable physical contacts, offers, or actions of touching occur, the employment of the individual initiating or attempting harassment will be terminated.