Equal Opportunity Policy

As a leading organization in our industry, Alpin Socks is committed to fostering a fair environment based on a philosophy that values diversity within the company. We aim to establish equal opportunities and fair practices for all individuals, regardless of race, language, religion, sect, political opinion, education, gender, or sexual orientation among our employees, subcontractors, subcontractors' employees, and visitors. Therefore, we pledge to adhere to all social responsibilities and codes of conduct in compliance with Turkish Labor Laws, regulations, and statutes, along with the guidelines set by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

In line with these commitments, we ensure:

  1. Compliance with all legal requirements and regulations.
  2. Equal treatment for all employees concerning promotions and recruitment, ensuring equal opportunities.
  3. No preferential treatment for employees' personal friends, partners, or relatives.
  4. Recruitment practices that follow company standards for personnel selection, ensuring employees' rights according to labor laws upon termination.
  5. A minimum of 3% employment of disabled individuals relative to the total workforce.
  6. A minimum of 51% employment of women in the overall workforce.
  7. A minimum of 25% employment of women in managerial positions relative to the total managerial staff.
  8. Development of internal promotion systems and practices.
  9. Prevention of any form of discrimination based on race, language, religion, sect, political opinion, education, gender, or sexual orientation.
  10. No differentiation between white-collar and blue-collar employees; all employees have equal access to canteen and recreational areas.
  11. Equal access for all employees to training and development opportunities.
  12. Ensuring equal pay for equal work without gender discrimination, considering legally defined working hours, overtime, and other work-related issues.

We commit.