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With our innovative vision, we have been taking a pioneering role in the sock industry for over 39 years.

Our reach knows no bounds at Alpin Socks Through strategic partnerships with international groups, we navigate the global market with efficiency and precision.

Discover style, comfort, and quality in every step at Alpin Sock Factory. Join us for a unique sock experience!


"We export to 112 different countries as Alpin Socks."

Establıshed ın the year 2000, we are a specıalıst sock and tıght manufacturer creatıng large collectıons of socks for men's, ladıes, chıldren's and babıes socks and tıghts.
Alpın socks ıs one of the leadıng supplıers of socks ın europe wıth an average capacıty of 17,000,000 paırs of socks per month.
We produce for leadıng retaılers ın europe and around the world, workıng closely wıth our customers as partners to provıde the complete solutıon to theır hosıery needs. We take prıde ın delıverıng customer satısfactıon wıth contınued factory ımprovement through ınvestment ın people and technology, relıable servıces and delıvery.


Customer Satisfaction

Our top priority is to create added value for our customers and live up to their high expectations with consistency and quality. When it comes to providing a quality service, Alpin Socks knows no limits and its main principle is to find a solution to any of its customers requirements. Alpin Socks has the capacity to put into production any of the customers requests instantly in accordance with this core principle.

Product Quality

Our key aim is to produce the highest quality hosiery goods at all times and our biggest principle is to make no concessions on quality.


Our key aim is presenting innovative production and design ideas to our customers, giving reasonable and determined costs, providing customers with a fast service in all processes from first time development to production manufacture with very short lead times, providing high quality products on time.

Innovative & Pioneering

One of our key principles is to follow innovations in the sector, developing new products, using new technologies, setting up new systems, working with a young and dynamic team, creating a pioneering Company every time.


Our principle is to comply to all of the moral and legal business rules, developing a kind and tolerant business relationship that is fair and and mutually beneficial.

Alpin Socks & Environment

We believe in ensuring a clean and healthy environment for the next generations through:
- The prevention of environmental pollution
- Environmental awareness
- Efficient and effective use of energy and natural resources
- Recycling

Environmental Policy & Protection

Alpin Socks implements ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, Republic of Turkey and International Environmental Legislation.
We ensure all production meets these requirements. We are also constantly working to improve our Environmental Management processes and awareness of our employees.
Conservation of natural resources, recycling and minimising waste are a top priority in the factory.
We ensure up-to-date legal obligations relating to environment protection are implemented immediately and carried out completely.



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